Interested in visual arts?

You can explore all of Foundry's creative software through the First Year Free program.

The First  Year Free program is an opportunity for new students to experiment with Foundry products for one year, free of charge.

Which products?

These are the same tools used by the best VFX artists in the industry - and you get access to them all, no restrictions.

We've bundled these products together into a single license called the Education Collective. Start exploring now!

How do I get it?

  • Fill out the student license request form using your official university email address.
  • Tick the box requesting a discount code for your first year free code.
  • Check your email welcoming you to the Education program.
  • Your activation code will also be sent via email. Follow the instructions to activate your free Education Collective license.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a full-time school or university. You must also be a new Foundry customer. Existing customers do not qualify. Please be sure to use your university email address to apply. 

After your first year free, you’re still eligible to receive massive savings on our student pricing. 

Student journey options - where are you in your educational career? We have something for everyone:

Which route will you take?

Foundry Education route progression


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