Foundry Sessions - Automation vs creativity

Digital automation is reshaping nearly every aspect of our lives—but what does this mean for creativity? On November 19, 2015, Foundry got together with digital agency DARE and Creative Review magazine to host a seminar to examine just that question. Viral internet artists Cassetteboy and Matthew Shannon of VR filmmakers Visualise joined Foundry’s Head of Design David Atkinson to explore what automation means in the context of the creative process, and where that might take us in the future. If you couldn’t be there in person, take a look at the videos.

Some of it’s very boring stuff that could potentially be done by a machine … it would free us up to do the fun stuff. That would be ideal.


Automation vs creativity: Panel discussion

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Automation vs creativity: Matthew Shannon

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Automation vs creativity: David Atkinson

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Automation vs creativity: Cassetteboy

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Guest speakers

Eliza Williams, associate editor, Creative Review,(Moderator)

Associate Editor at Creative Review; author of How 30 Great Ads Were Made and This Is Advertising; regular freelance contributor to Art Monthly, British Journal of Photography.


Cassetteboy are an English electronic music and comedy duo. The pair have achieved success with their cut-ups of celebrities such as Alan Sugar and David Cameron to make parodies of their subjects. Several of the duo's videos have gone viral, with up to 5 million views on YouTube. Despite their success, Cassetteboy made no money from their videos due to their questionable legal status, until a revision of UK copyright law in 2014.

Matthew John Shannon, executive producer, Visualise

Matthew Shannon has over ten years experience in managing creative productions and media products. He has worked across all media to manage the strategic delivery of brand and campaign projects and creative content for corporate and non-corporate clients. Previous clients include Bupa Healthcare, Rio Tino Communities division, Engineers without Borders Australia, Moet & Chandon, Wired Magazine, Business Week, Honda and American Express.

Matthew Shannon’s is skilled in understanding clients’ needs and objectives and how to translate these into strategic plans for the production and delivery of VR content.

David Atkinson, Head of Design, Commercial Products, Foundry

David Atkinson works closely with Foundry’s leadership team to deliver creative software that solves real-world challenges of the design industry. Prior to joining Foundry, Atkinson served as creative director at Saddington Baynes, where he worked on campaigns for Honda, Infiniti and Dyson, as well as with advertising agencies such as Wieden&Kennedy, TBWA and Saatchi & Saatchi. Prior to Saddington Baynes, Atkinson worked in product design at Autodesk (formerly Alias) and as CAD sculptor in Apple Computer’s industrial design team.