Foundry Sessions - Looking to break into VFX?

If you missed our most recent Foundry Sessions broadcast you can watch it below.

Wanting to break into the creative world of visual effects? Coming towards the end of your degree and preparing your showreel? 

Find out from people working in the industry what it’s like to work in a facility and what skills they’re looking for in graduates.

We were joined by BlueBolt’s VFX Supervisor, Richard Frazer and compositors Sebastian Hesselsjo & Daniel Gardner, who lifted the lid on what it’s like to work in a post-production house, as well as giving their top tips on what to include in your graduate reel and how to stand out when applying for work in the VFX industry.

Guest speakers

Richard Frazer

Richard initially studied graphic design and worked in that field for some years before moving into post-production in 2002. He started working in motion graphics and video editing before he decided to specialise in visual effects, joining Framestore as a roto/prep artist in 2008. In the years following, he gained experience working as compositor in most of the main Soho facilities and started working as on set VFX supervisor for independent films and television around 2011. He joined BlueBolt as lead compositor and VFX supervisor in March 2015. He is currently supervising the third season of the BBC's Peaky Blinders.

Sebastian Hesselsjö

Sebastian went to university in his native Sweden where he did a BA in Digital Media graduating in 2012, after which he attended the one-year Motion Creative program at Hyper Island in Stockholm. He started as an intern at BlueBolt in March 2013 and worked his way up to his current position of compositor. He has worked on over 25 different projects; some of the highlights include The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Jupiter Ascending, The Monuments Men and lately, BBC's War and Peace.

Daniel Gardiner

Daniel was working on a Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Exeter College in Devon in 2011 when he started working as a runner at Framestore Commercials. He left the course to work full time and got his first experience as an artist by assisting the Flame and NUKE teams. This lead to a job as roto/prep artist in Framestore’s film department, working on such films as Iron Man 3 and Edge of Tomorrow. He joined BlueBolt’s roto/prep team in April 2014 and has since progressed to his current position of junior compositor. His most recent projects include Spectre, and War and Peace for the BBC.


Nicki Morris, education manager at Foundry, Juan Salazar, NUKE workflow specialist at Foundry.