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CG 2019 - Russia

Spider-Man: Foundry from Home. Full Movie Debriefing

By Vlad Akhtyrsky -  Compositing Supervisor at Scanline Vancouver

Vlad Akhtyrsky returns to CG EVENT with the theme of hard compositing and a detailed analysis of what it takes to make a blockbuster. Expect first-hand insight into numbers, statistics, hidden shots, insider revelations, petabytes, terrahertz and endless human hours.

Vlad will also cover trends in the field of compositing on the back of the release of Nuke 12, with discussions centering around how tools should serve the user, and not vice versa. Where will this compositing colossus go?

He’ll also cover real-time, Nuke, Katana, previews, V-ray, FaceTracker and, where possible, artificial intelligence. For more information, please visit CG Event Moscow.