Foundry Sessions - The Collectives

Welcome to the first in the series of our The Foundry Sessions, with this Session focusing on the Production Collective and Creation Collective.

Missed it? Catch up and watch the recording of the stream below.

Guest speakers

Watch demos from the experts from digital design to VFX.

Postoffice - Production Collective

Boyo Frederix, Head of 3D at Postoffice, Amsterdam, popped in to talk about how they envisage using the Production Collective at their facility. A highlight was the demo of their patented crowd tool, which received lots of admiration on Twitter! Postoffice have been creating beautiful content since 1986 and it is one of the largest post-houses in town catering the advertising, film, TV and music industry.

Creativebloke - Creation Collective

Mike Griggs aka Creativebloke talked about how he has been using the Creation COLLECTIVE in his digital design work. Mike has worked on 3D visualization, broadcast motion graphics, digital design and photography for exhibition, graphic, advertising and post-production agencies to service some of the biggest clients in the world. He took us through his impressive project for the National Trust which he turned around in just a day. Mike is also a regular writer for 3D World magazine and recently reviewed Modo 801 giving it 4/5.


Matt Plec, Senior Product Designer at Foundry.