FMX 2018


Jordan Thistlewood and Aghiles Kheffache at FMX 2018

Getting started with Katana & 3Delight

Curious about Katana? Learn how to get started with the toolset, why it’s the industry’s top choice, and why the new 3Delight renderer is perfect for your creative production needs.

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Denis Albus at Foundry

Scaling up with Katana at VFX studio TRIXTER

In this talk, TRIXTER will showcase some of their latest projects, explain how Katana helps them day-to-day, and reveal what custom Katana tools and workflows they have developed.

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Gianpietro Fabre at Foundry

An inside look at Framestore's texturing workflow with Mari

Framestore Lead Texture Artist Gianpietro Fabre will take an in depth look at the creation of the most challenging assets for Thor Ragnarock, focusing mainly on the texturing aspects.

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Education Panel Sarah Leavitt

Breaking into the VFX industry

Looking to break into the VFX industry? Don’t miss this panel of industry experts discussing how VFX students today can launch their career and prepare for the future.

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Chris Wetherly at FMX

Skill up with Nuke: How to stand out as a junior compositor

Foundry Product Specialist Chris Wetherly explores some of the most important things to know for compositing artists starting out, to build a career on the best possible foundation.

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Victor Perez FMX Presenter

Skill up with Nuke: photorealistic compositing for mid-senior compositors

VFX Supervisor Victor Perez explores the process of learning photorealistic compositing in Nuke, emphasising the importance of experimentation with nodes.

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Juan Salazar at FMX 2018

What’s new in the Nuke family?

See what’s new in the Nuke family! Foundry are now adding features throughout Nuke’s release cycle. Get a sneak peek into what’s coming up for Nuke 11.2.

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Twin Pine FMX presenters

Nuke Studio and The Plague TV series: shot management made simple

Watch how Nuke Studio became the main software used by VFX boutique Twin Pines for plate and version management, and internal and client review.

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