Foundry Sessions - Foundry in Architectural Design

Watch the recording of the latest Foundry Sessions, with this Session focusing on Foundry in Architectural Design with Cityscape. See how they used Modo and Nuke for a regeneration project in London.

Guest speakers

Joel Azopardi, CGI Director & Senior MODO artist, Cityscape

Joel is one of the vintage Cityscapers. As CGI director, he pushes the boundaries of CGI visual production within the company. He has been involved in some of the highest profile work Cityscape Digital has produced. Outside of CGI, he can be found in parks strapping very expensive cameras to very expensive (and untested!) quadcopters.

Damian Fennell, Creative Director, Cityscape

Damian joined Cityscape in 2007 following a decade working as a fine artist in sculpture and drawing. Supported by two art directors, Damian is responsible for the look and feel of everything visual at Cityscape, and is equally passionate about meaning, quality and the passage of light. He wishes he was Giacometti but without the living-in-a-hovel-for-40- years bit.


Gregory Duquesne (Modo Product Manager), Jon Wadelton (Nuke Product Manager).