Foundry Sessions - Foundry in Games

Watch the session from Thursday, 28th May 2015.

Guest speaker

Jennifer Schneidereit - Game Creator & Co-Founder, Nyamyam

Born and raised in Germany, Jennifer fell in love with video games at an early age when playing Pac-Man at a friend's house. After graduating from university with a degree in computer science, Jennifer worked for a number of years in the Japanese game industry, before moving to the UK to work for Rare. She initially began her career as a software engineer, but gradually moved toward game design. In late 2010 she co-founded Nyamyam, a small independent studio in the UK.

Hugo Guerra - Independent VFX Supervisor / Creative Director

Hugo is a award winning VFX Supervisor and Art Director working in the industry since 1999. Hugo has worked in a multitude of roles, including Director, Onset VFX Supervisor, Project lead, Art Director, NUKE Compositor, VFX teacher, Consultant and Pipeline Architect for VFX. He’s just finished working as a Cinematic Director in the latest trailers for the AAA game Just Cause 3 and the IOS smash hit Rival Kingdoms from Space Ape.



Simon Lundberg - Modo Product Designer, Foundry, Courtney Pryce - Media & Production Creative Manager - EMEA, Foundry, Becks O'Byrne - Events Manager, Foundry (host).