Webinar: Modo 10 Series for VR and games

This year, we’re delivering new releases of Modo® in a series of three installments for a single price. The first installment of the Modo 10 Series delivered enhanced workflows for creating real-time content for games, or for other immersive interactive experiences like virtual reality. Just released, the second installment brings a powerful, flexible and robust new procedural modeling system that lets you iterate more freely, create infinite variations, and easily accommodate changes. Together, these new tools offer a wealth of functionality it’s hard to find in other applications.

In this webinar, Creative Specialist Greg Brown demonstrates how our games tools make day-to-day tasks easier, even if you aren’t a game artist. Combined with our new procedural modeling tools, the potential is limitless.

Greg will explore many of the new tools in the Modo 10 Series, with special attention on the new ability to easily exchange data with external game engines like Unity, and on how Modo eases the pain of properly preparing game-ready assets.