Webinar: Streamline your timeline and review workflow with Nuke Studio/Hiero and HieroPlayer

Streamline your review workflow with Nuke Studio and Hiero

In this webinar, Terry Riyasat takes a real world approach to creating a sequence for production from scratch in Nuke Studio/Hiero and HieroPlayer. Starting from storyboards and working through to the final comp, Terry shows techniques to best optimize, organize and create a fluid workflow for your project.

Whether you’re a VFX editor, supervisor or artist, Terry shows you where the Nuke family’s timeline products fit and how they can be customized for your pipeline, specifically looking at:

  • Best practice for procedurally setting up the timeline for ingesting of media from other departments.
  • How to build a master timeline for your team to reference, independently or alongside a shot manager. 
  • How to prepare timelines for review sessions.
  • How artists can use HieroPlayer to review their shots in context before submitting them for review.