Webinar: the power of Modo's modeling paradigm

Modo® is considered by many people to be the best subdivision surface modeller on the market. With the launch of the new procedural modeling system in Modo 10.1 that works hand-in-hand with Modo's best-in-class direct modeling system and the advanced MeshFusion Boolean toolset, that’s more true than ever today.

In this webinar, Andy Brown, creative specialist at Foundry, explains the conceptual underpinnings of Modo and its modeling system and demonstrates exactly what it is that makes it so powerful. Whether you’re exploring new concepts by intuitively editing organic surfaces, or making non-destructive edits in the layer stack to iterate on your ideas and refine your work, Modo has the modeling tools you need to get the results you want.

Andy will also show you how the flexibility of Modo's architecture lets you easily create custom tools without coding, transforming Modo from an off-the-shelf product into a tool that reflects your individual requirements and working practices.