Webinar: Easier VR asset creation with Modo 10.2

Modo 10.2, the final installment of the Modo 10 Series, is here! With this release, Modo® delivers an unmatched set of asset creation tools that offer the unique combination of best-in-class direct modeling, highly flexible procedural modeling and advanced MeshFusion Booleans, all working together. There’s never been a more efficient way to explore your creative options.

In this webinar, Creative Specialist Greg Brown demonstrates how the new modeling features released in the second and third installments—together with the games-focused tools and workflows delivered in the first installment—present an incredibly robust and powerful toolset that’s ideal for virtual reality and real-time asset creation.

He’ll show the latest extensions to the procedural modeling system; the revamped MeshFusion toolset that’s now both faster and much easier to use; new automatic retopology; the ability to package, share and reuse assemblies; and much more. Finally, Greg will finish the webinar by bringing the newly created assets from Modo into the NVIDIA® VR Funhouse: a virtual carnival full of fun and games. What’s not to like?