Webinar: Synthesizing stereo VR with Nuke Studio and Cara VR

This webinar is brought to you by Foundry’s Media Production Creative Manager Mariana Acuna, who has been specializing in virtual reality post-production workflows for over two years. Before bringing her skills to The Foundry, Mariana spent more than 10 years working in the film industry, gaining experience as an on-set supervisor and senior compositor, and holding positions at Sony Imageworks, CIS Hollywood, Digital Domain, HBO, Columbia Pictures and Fuse FX.

In this webinar, Mariana will show you how to synthesize a stereo view from your mono virtual reality footage using the Cara VR plug-in toolset for Nuke®. She’ll demonstrate how to create a new view in NUKE and how to refine the different options available during the solve and stitch to achieve a great stereo effect. In addition, she’ll take a look at some post-stitching workflows for integrating CG elements into a VR comp using tools like Nuke's powerful new ray trace renderer.