As a designer, being able to bring your ideas to life, exactly as you imagined them, is crucial. Effortlessly shaping and envisioning them in 3D is essential to your creative process. But tight deadlines, miscommunication, slow render times, technical limitations in CAD software, and poorly fitting design pipelines can all hinder your creativity.

That’s why top designers choose Modo as their preferred 3D modeling tool for product and industrial design. Modo gives the freedom to fully explore your creative options; make faster design decisions, iterate on infinite variations, and customize the UI to make every job easier. With Modo, you can take your designs to the next level.

  • Take your designs to the next level

    Modo’s artist-friendly tools give you the freedom to fully explore your creative options without the constraints inherent in CAD systems. Three dimensional volumes can be quickly created and then intuitively deformed with a range of organic editing tools.
  • Breathe new life into existing designs

    Modo supports a wide range of file formats, so you can import, fix and combine data from many CAD and 3D applications. Then use intuitive modeling and sculpting tools to make the design your own, iterating quickly to explore every creative avenue.
  • Simplify your design process

    Build a kit of specialized tools to meet your exact needs with Modo’s flexible tool assembly system. Collapse assemblies down so they become first-class modeling operations, share them with your team, or keep them yourself to reuse on repetitive tasks.
  • Powerfully communicate your ideas

    Advanced texturing tools, physically-based materials and easy decal placement let you iterate on looks fast and preview them in the interactive viewport. Next use Modo’s high-performance renderer to create stunning photorealistic images of your design.

Modo frees ideas

Use Modo to explore your creative ideas and quickly iterate and refine your vision.

Modo makes designers

How our customers have used Modo to excel in the world of design.

Shifting to digital changed everything for Keen Shoes’ footwear design

For the design team at Keen Shoes, making the transition from traditional sketch designs to 3D models was an real eye-opener that changed their entire approach to the craft.

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