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Showreel 2021 Foundry VFX software
Film & TV

Foundry Showreel | 2021

Our Foundry showreel boasts creations from artists and studios around the world, all made with Foundry tools.

2 min video
Dracula from Hotel Transylvania
Film & TV

How to get new starters up to speed in Katana

Key insights from Sony Pictures Imageworks’ training department.

6 min read
Storytelling development
Film & TV

Storytelling development: why the timeline matters

How working in context can improve artist and workflow efficiency.

7 min read
How texture brings animation to life
Film & TV

Perfecting hair and painting buildings: how texturing brings animation to life

Telling stories through textures in animation.

5 min read
Removing pipeline friction with interop
Film & TV

Connecting workflows and removing pipeline friction with interoperability

How Foundry is paving the way for a more efficient pipeline.

7 min read
Foundry Live 2021
Film & TV

Hot off the press: top trends from Foundry Live 2021

Key product developments and innovations you need to know about.

9 min read
Miguel Guerrero artist spotlight
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Miguel Guerrero

Venezuelan VFX artist and Director Miguel Guerrero on Nuke and his established career.

8 min read
The Art of Texturing
Film & TV

Texturing through time: from miniatures to Mari

Making make-believe as real as possible.

6 min read
Ari Rubenstein Small Blue Shadow Header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Ari Rubenstein

How Foundry's storyboarding tool Flix supports Ari Rubenstein's previz process.

10 min read
3D textured image of girl in helmet
Film & TV

Stand out as a Texture Artist

From Texture Theory to Blend modes: tips, tricks and best practice to make your CG creations and showreels really shine.

5 min read
3D robot against abstract background
Film & TV

Things I wish I knew about Katana: core concepts

New to Katana? Arielle Martin, Lighting Associate Product Manager, explores the key features tailored toward improving your workflow and creating a successful first project.

5 min read
Animated girl standing in CG forest
Film & TV

Animation studio? Here’s how your review process could be more efficient

From timelines to channels: top features to streamline creative review.

4 min read