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Katana Deployment Essentials - Look Development and Lighting
Film & TV

Katana pipeline deployment: key considerations, benefits and best practice

Who and what is involved when integrating Katana into your pipeline? Find out here.

6 min read
Micro Monsters with David Attenborough

Micro Monsters: mighty next-gen immersive content in stunning 8K

Alchemy Immersive breaks new ground with Nuke.

10 min read
Team Herts Header
Film & TV

Inspiring the young minds of the future with Framestore

A team of graduates who strived for success despite the challenges of 2020.

5 min read
Zak Boxall header
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Zak Boxall

Texturing tips, tricks and tutorials from one of ILM Sydney’s talented artists.

6 min read
Screenshot from Polygon Pictures BLAME animation
Film & TV

An inside look into Polygon Pictures’ efficient review process

Nuke, Hiero and HieroPlayer combine to create calm, not chaos.

8 min read
Nuke Episodic header
Film & TV

Creating binge-worthy episodic content with Nuke

How Nuke tackles rapid episodic production titles.

8 min read
Foundry Research about volumetric image capture
Film & TV

Volumetric video capture: challenges, opportunities and outlook for production pipelines

Key insights from Foundry’s just-wrapped VoluMagic project.

5 min read
Shot of Jellyfish Pictures office

Jellyfish Pictures’ journey to working in a virtual world

We explore how the 300-strong virtual VFX and animation studio remains cloud connected in this exclusive Q&A.

6 min read
Chun Chun Artist Spotlight
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Chun Chun Yang

Creating breathtaking texture assets with Chun Chun.

5 min read
Colorway AR - product design with augmented reality

Colorway AR: your doorway to the future of digital design

Boundless creativity powered by augmented reality.

7 min read
Artist Spotlight David Hirst
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: David Hirst

How David Hirst adapted to emerging look development and lighting technologies over his 20-year career.

5 min read
The Crown Header
Film & TV

Polishing up perfection: creating The Crown Season Three

The Crown’s in-house VFX team shed light on Nuke’s use in the creation of this sparkling Netflix Original.

8 min read