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Busting Cloud Buzzwords

Demystifying complex cloud terms for VFX artists

We breakdown important cloud buzzwords and how they relate to VFX.

Nuke TD roundtable
Film & TV

Foundry Virtual Events | Super Session: Nuke TD Roundtable

Join four of the industry’s top Nuke TDs as they offer exclusive insight into their role.

Bounty Hunter Header
Film & TV

Shaping the lighting artists of the future

Meet the brilliant student minds behind Bounty Hunter.

Katana the art of lighting header
Film & TV

The Art of Lighting: A history through time

Looking back at where it all began in the world of lighting.

5 min read
Artist Spotlight Header Francois Gendron
Film & TV

Artist Spotlight: Francois Gendron

Why Katana is the perfect fit for Francois Gendron as a VFX Lighter.

Project EIST header

Project EIST: bringing the beauty of choice beyond media and entertainment

Enabling Interactive Story Telling for different sectors and skill sets.

Hugo Guerra
Film & TV

Foundry Virtual Events | Alternative methods of income for the creative industry

How to earn money outside of the traditional roles in the creative industry.

Abstract glowing imagery with Nuke logo
Film & TV

Work smarter, not harder, with these Nuke family features

Nuke artist? Here’s how to send your efficiency soaring.

5 min read
3d geometric imagery

The seven deadly myths of cloud

Discover how the seven deadliest cloud myths are not all they seem.

Katana 3.6 Webinar
Film & TV

Free up time, unlock creativity with Katana | Webinar 2020

Catching up on all things Katana.

Glowing 3D abstract imagery
Real time

Bridging the Real & Imagined

Integrating real-time workflows into modern post-production pipelines.

Woman using Nuke on Computer
Film & TV

Small studio or just starting out? Here’s why Nuke Studio and Hiero are a no-brainer

Invest in the tools of today. Future-proof your tomorrow. Explore Nuke Studio and Hiero.

3 min read