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SIGGRAPH 2015 guest speaker line up

Flix on ANOTO Creative

In addition to all the great stuff happening on the booth we will also be joined by our friends at Anoto Creative where we will be showing Flix in action on their interactive boards. You’ll be able to see Flix up close and personal on the board and have a play too yourself! 

Anoto has been a leader in digital writing solutions for over ten years. Now they are bringing this technology to creatives around the world. Find out more about Anoto.

Find us in third party booths

In this industry, it’s critical that we work with companies whose solutions, when combined with ours, create some of the strongest pipelines available today. Therefore, you can also find us in the following partners’ booths. Please check their schedules for details:

FOUNDRY SIGGRAPH 2015 partner booth schedule

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