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Film & TV

Aspiring to be a texture artist at a big studio? Hear Paul’s story

Find out how texture artist Paul Paulinho fell in love with texturing through Mari and bagged a dream job at Method Studios. Watch the video here.

デザイン ビジュアライゼーション

Nuke によって描かれる建築物の完成像

In this article, we speak to Ludo Michaud, VFX Creative Director at Corgan MediaLab, about how his team have harnessed the power of Nuke for architectural visualization. Read more here!


Walking in the footsteps of war survivors with virtual reality

Milica Zec and Winslow Porter, founders of the creative studio New Reality, talk about their trilogy of VR films, ‘Tree’, ‘Giant’, and ‘Breathe’.

Film & TV

Animal Logic Academy: discovering the VFX stars of the future

We speak to some of the students and tutors involved in bringing short film The Color Thief to life, using Katana, as part of the first student project of 2018 at the Animal Logic Academy. Read more here!


Nice Shoes: using VR to deepen relationships between brands and customers

We spoke to creative studio Nice Shoes about how they’re harnessing the power of immersive technologies to help brands build lasting relationships.

Courtesy of Field Lab

Ambitious Light Field Lab Aspires to Change Entertainment Forever

We talk to the team at Light Field Lab - a company developing holographic systems without the need for any headsets or accessories.

Image courtesy of Yuya Takeda, created in Modo

Procedural modeling: changing the footwear design landscape

We explore how a new generation of 3D modeling tools that harness the power of procedural modeling are changing the design landscape.

Future of AR

Mixed reality: the future of AR devices?

We examine how it’s looking increasingly likely that the future of augmented reality devices lies with mixed reality experiences.

Coco - courtesy of Pixar
Film & TV

One billion assets: How Pixar’s Lightspeed team tackled Coco’s complexity

We speak to Renee Tam, Lightspeed Lead at Pixar Animation Studios, about how her team overcame complexity to deliver the critically acclaimed movie, Coco.