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Colorway AR - product design with augmented reality

Colorway AR: your doorway to the future of digital design

Boundless creativity powered by augmented reality.

Artist Spotlight David Hirst
Film & TV

アーティスト スポットライト: David Hirst

The Crown Header
Film & TV

Polishing up perfection: creating The Crown Season Three

The Crown’s in-house VFX team shed light on Nuke’s use in the creation of this sparkling Netflix Original.

Header Hybrid Cloud

Redefining your studio with hybrid cloud

Discover the impact of hybrid cloud on studios and artists.

CG animated Dragon from White Snake - Light Chaser
Film & TV

Making myth real: breathing light into White Snake

Light Chaser Animation Studios on using Katana to illuminate this beautiful Chinese legend.

Nuke TD Header

How to become a Nuke Technical Director

Learn the same skills and techniques used by leading VFX studios and artists.

SIGGRAPH 2020 Header
Film & TV

Five of the top trends to come out of SIGGRAPH 2020

That’s a wrap on SIGGRAPH 2020.

Viking warrior from Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Film & TV

The art of war: forging AC Valhalla’s epic CG launch trailer

DIGIC gets battle-ready with Nuke for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Multicoloured Lightbulb and Katana 4.0
Film & TV

Lighting in Katana 4.0: like nothing you’ve seen before

Find out why the future’s bright for lighting artists in this exclusive Q&A.