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Hiero is part of the Nuke family, offering the same powerful multi-track editorial timeline as Nuke Studio. Producers, VFX editors, and coordinators get greater visibility over projects, while seamless timeline sharing with other Hiero seats, HieroPlayer and Nuke Studio reduces the need to reconform for review.

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Full online-editing toolkit

With the same multi-track editorial timeline as Nuke Studio, Hiero’s intuitive and familiar editorial tools get the job done fast, whether you’re doing on-set editing on a laptop, onlining and conform back at the studio, or simply knocking out quick edits

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Efficient management and distribution

Hiero makes setup and management of complex, high-volume projects quick and easy. A hub for total project control, Hiero lets you generate and share Nuke scripts, work collaboratively with annotations, and compare and manage versions with ease.

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Flexible review tools

With real-time playback, and numerous view options, blending modes and color sample tools, Hiero and HieroPlayer speed up review at any stage of a project. Hiero also offers SDI-broadcast monitor-out support, so you can check your work in context.

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Speed and efficiency

With GPU-accelerated Soft Effects on the timeline, intelligent background rendering and fluid workflows, Hiero has everything you need to complete your project on time—built in and ready to go.

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Integration with the entire Nuke family

Along with timeline sharing with Nuke Studio and HieroPlayer—reducing the need to reconform for multiple packages throughout a project—Hiero offers seamless integration with the rest of the Nuke family for faster, more efficient teamwork.

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The perfect fit for your pipeline

Hiero offers the same opportunities for customisation as Nuke, with support for major operating systems, a Python API and Pyside included, and BlinkScript for creating your own GPU-accelerated timeline effects.

What's New In Hiero

Explore the latest ways Hiero enhances collaboration, speeds up review, and streamlines production workflows.

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Who's Using Hiero

Learn why artists and studios around the globe value Hiero's collaborative shot management and review capabilities in their project pipeline.

  • Bluebolt are active users or Hiero in their pipeline
  • Ingenuity Studios are big fans of Foundry's Heiro product
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Pascal Bußmann, Digital Intermediate, LAVAlabs

We were one of the beta testers of Hiero and since then we work quite a lot with it because our whole pipeline is based around Hiero.

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Keith Barton Senior Systems Administrator, Milk


Keith Barton — Senior Systems Administrator, Milk

Foundry’s fantastic products are an essential part of our pipeline. When we’re up against it, Foundry's support team help ease the pressure with rapid resolutions when we need them. Can’t wait to see what they’ll bring out next!

Mark Payne Senior Compositor, Double Negative


Mark Payne — Senior Compositor, Double Negative

I have been working with Foundry tools for a long time and they have never sat still and are always wanting to improve and push their software to the next level.

Peter Averston Lead Texture Artist, MPC


Peter Aversten — Lead Texture Artist, MPC

It's rare to find a software company who will schedule you with a face-to-face meeting with their development team to provide support with the pipeline. Foundry did just that. 10 out of 10 for customer support!

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Online help and user guides for Hiero and Hieroplayer Access help & release notes

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HieroPlayer is a desktop review tool that lets you playback the VFX timeline and compare versions of renders quickly, letting you easily see your work in the context of the entire sequence.

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Creating VFX?

With Nuke Studio, you get the multi-track editorial timeline of Hiero, plus the compositing power of NukeX within a single application - allowing you to conform, review, edit, and jump into the nodegraph to create effects or put the final touches on scripts made by other artists.

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