Foundry announces the annual holiday contest winners

We sifted through all the incredible entrants of our Modo Holiday Challenge to reveal the winners.

Annual Modo Christmas competition entrant David Cherrin

This year's challenge was an absolute delight to follow along with. We had hundreds of people entering and some stunning work being submitted from classic winter scenes to a Miley Cyrus inspired wrecking bauble (yes, that actually happened).

There were two categories to enter this year, including one for complete beginners to Modo®. To say the judging process was difficult would be an understatement. The quality of work and creativity behind all the concepts were on point.

So here it is, our last blog post is going out with the festive bang of a Christmas cracker, enjoy!

Expert winner: Christmas Factory by Maciej Frolow

Annual Modo Christmas challenge winner Maciej Forlow


Maciej won our I LOVE MODO category with this busy Christmas Factory. Not only does this image amp up our excitement for the festive season, but it's also very well executed. "A nice blend of technical achievement and design elements, perfectly executed. Exactly what we were looking for." Brad Peebler

Newcomer winner: Advent Calendar by Bruno Santos

Newcomer award winner Bruni Santos for Modo


We loved Bruno's work over at Foundry HQ, definitely a worthy winner of the Rising Stars category. "It's just beautiful. The image processing, the color grading and the subtle imperfections of the wrapping paper. I love it. This is clearly someone who knows design." Brad Peebler.

Bryan Mouchette - left, Niko Laukkarinen - right

Bryan Mouchette's great example of 3d rendering in Modo
Niko Laukkarinen's Modo 3d sculpting entrant for Foundry's annual christmas competition