Cara VR Tutorials.

This series of free video tutorials will help you get up to speed with CARA VR™.

Discover the power of Cara VR's monoscopic workflows

Cara VR monoscopic workflows

Discover more about about stitching footage from a wide range of camera rigs using Cara VR for Nuke, featuring production workflows from from VR Playhouse and Zachary Cole. Uncover how to stitch footage from back-to-back, handheld and Snorricam mounted cameras, and the Nokia OZO.

Learn to stitch VR footage
See how Cara VR make creating virtual reality content easier and faster

Cara VR compositing

Uncover the best approaches for applying Nuke tools and compositing workflows to 360 footage with Cara VR in these tutorials lessons.

Learn to composite in 360

 Check how Cara VR stereoscopic workflow makes a difference

Cara VR stereoscopic workflows

Learn more about the ins and outs of Stereo Stitching in Cara VR for Nuke using production workflows from Keith Kolod, Ryan Cummings, and VRPlayhouse and discover everything about using Cara VR with Google Jump.

Learn about stereo VR
Cara VR 360 corrections

Cara VR 360 Corrections

Uncover the tips and tricks for 360 video corrections with Cara VR for Nuke, including tweaking your stitch, camera rig removal, and stabilization. Featuring production workflows from VRPlayhouse.

Learn about 360 corrections

Check out our learning materials

Head to the Community space to access learning resources and assets produced by other Cara VR users.

Explore learning materials
Find out from the community how to get ahead with Cara VR

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