Colorway releases.

Colorway 4.0 Release notes



Designers can now create gradient graphics directly within Colorway much like in other design applications. The new tool allows the creation of graphical color effects using color stops that blend into another, for a variety of dimensions. Gradients can be easily added to SVG and DCI items, while also reporting important color information to a live linked dynamic table.

SVG Workflow Enhancement

SVG Workflow Enhancements

Directly import 2D line art assets in SVG format into Colorway and auto-generate Techpacks. This feature enhancement unlocks the ability to link SVG items, group and rename items, apply fill and line color, and sync variation intonation with 3D renders.

Part Linkibg

Dynamic Part Linking

Linking associated part items is now greatly improved for a more robust workflow involving material and color ups across various products, without needing to wait on re-renders. Dynamic part linking opens the possibility to work on an entire product range in one document, and can be used to link parts between 3D renders and line art.

mPath Integration

mPath Integration

mPath is a ground-up redesign of the Modo renderer, it offers many improvements over the Default renderer, including GPU acceleration for Ray Tracing. The Colorway Kit has now been extended to take advantage of this powerful new rendering engine.

Maskin Improvements

Masking Improvements

Useful for exploring logo and label applications, designers can use masking objects to clip canvas items with additional controls for blur and transparency effects.