Katana releases.

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Katana 3.1 Release notes

Modern Viewport in Katana 3.1

Modern Viewport

We’ve updated the Hydra-powered viewport to make it even more artist-friendly. A number of UX improvements have been made which reduce the need for artists to work between the two viewport technologies in Katana, facilitating faster and more efficient workflows.

Katana 3.1 and 3delight

Integrated Powerful Rendering

Katana 3.1 includes 3DelightNSI - the next generation of the 3Delight production renderer. The latest and greatest version of this superfast renderer, 3DelightNSI introduces a new Principled Shader, automatic texture map conversion to mipmaps, super fast multi-sampled volume rendering, a new AOV based on the recent Pre-Lit Materials paper of Siggraph 2018, and network caching, amongst other features.

Performance improvements in Katana 3.1

Increased Artist Productivity

The performance of scene processing in Katana has been greatly improved, with the ability for multi-threaded render plugins to drastically reduce time to first pixel. This improved performance allows artists to wait less time and make more changes, providing the best possible workflow.

Pipeline power in Katana 3.1

Pipeline Power

Building pipeline tools, interop between Foundry tools, and general technical capacity has been unified as we’ve updated the core building blocks of Katana to match what’s outlined in the VFX Reference Platform 2017 specification, including moving to the Qt5 UI library.

Katana 3.0 View release notes

Hydra Viewport in Katana 3.0

Hydra Powered Viewport

Katana now features a new, modern viewport powered by Pixar's USD Hydra technology. Designed to render massively complex scenes, the Hydra viewport is a perfect addition to Katana’s Viewer API. Now artists can load huge scenes and view larger portions of their work with buttery-smooth interaction. To compliment this new level of user experience, there’s a set of artist-friendly transform handles, a rich API for creating custom object drawing and manipulators. This new viewport is the game changer all Katana artists have been waiting to have at their fingertips.

Performance improvements in Katana 3.0

Performance Improvements

No matter what program you use, how much work you get done always comes down to performance. Katana is the same and the team have done a lot of work since Katana 2.6. While the new viewport is 7x to 10x faster, Katana 3.0 itself now starts up and loads files 1.5x faster than previous versions. General performance has also been improved by strategic changes to key areas like CEL, OpScript, and Alembic processing.

Improved user interface in Katana 3.0

Improved UI

As a compliment to the new viewport and improved performance, we’ve updated the design of the overall UI, added new transform tools, and made information easier to process, so artists can now get more information from Katana at a glance. All part of our larger plan to merge artist driven workflow and UX with Katana’s power and technical foundation.

Katana and 3Delight Rendering plugin

Integrated Rendering

Katana 3.0 would be half a solution without a rendering plugin, so Katana 3.0 ships with the NSI powered 3Delight rendering plugin giving users best-in-class production live rendering, free of charge for interactive renders. Fast, powerful, clean rendering and super easy-to-use, this renderer has lots to offer everyone. The 3Delight plugin is the first to tap the full potential of Katana’s rendering APIs. Check out the dedicated page to

find out more.