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Rory Woodford, Mari Product Manager, Foundry

Mari 4.0 is easier to use and faster to learn. Get new projects up and running quicker, enjoy more flexible and configurable exporting, navigate around more easily, and experience a raft of improved workflows.

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Layered shaders in Mari

Layered shaders

Create effects such as dirt over rust, over paint, over metal with the new ability to layer real-time GLSL shaders in Mari®. With this powerful new workflow, Mari is the ideal tool for look development authoring for modern game engines and production rendering environments.

Environment lighting in Mari 2.6

Environment lighting

Use HDR images to light your Mari scenes and create reflections that accurately replicate the main production rendering or game environment. With the ability to paint in the context of the final lighting, you’ll reduce time-consuming and costly iteration cycles, and produce higher quality results.

Physically based shading in Mari

Physically based shading

Achieve physically plausible look development results, with an energy-preserving BRDF shading technique. When partnered with the new environment lighting, Mari’s physically based shading lets you closely match modern games engines and renderers—in some cases, pixel for pixel.

Texture transfer in Mari

Texture transfer

Painting and UV map creation can now happen at the same time with the ability to paint detail with PTEX mapping while another artist finalizes the UV layout. Results can be easily transferred between multiple different layouts and resolutions.

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