Modo Addons.

Image Courtesy fo AIKIDOKA:DESIGN
Modo now offers free After Effects support and integration with I/O Bridge

Modo After Effects I/O Bridge

The Modo After Effects I/O Bridge provides a seamless bi-directional link between Modo and After Effects, letting you easily integrate 3D rendered elements from Modo into your After Effects compositions.

MatPak Interiors for preset floors, tiles, carpets, walls for Modo

MatPak - Interiors

The Modo MatPak kit series of royalty-free material presets deliver the highest quality surfaces for use in your own scenes.


Details Free Preset plug-in for Modo Preset Pack produces a stunning array of seamlessly-tiling game-ready PBR textures for Unreal, Unity and other popular game engines.

Sketchfab kit for Modo for 3d asset and content import and export


Sketchfab is the leading platform for publishing and finding 3D and VR content anywhere online. With the Modo Sketchfab, you can quickly and easily export your newly created content to Sketchfab directly from within Modo.

MakerBot kit for Modo makes easy 3d objects and creations


MakerBot Kit is a free plug-in for Modo 801 and later that makes 3D printing fun, fast and easy. With MakerBot Kit installed, you can explore MakerBot’s Thingiverse community website directly from Modo.

Studio Environment Set 2 for fast content creation with Modo

Studio Environment Set 2

Studio Environment Set 2 is a collection of HDRI spherical images for interior lighting of product shots, industrial design presentations, engineering visualization and packaging designs.


Studio Environment Set kit for Modo empowers users for preset objects for asset creation

Studio Environment Set 1

Studio Environment Set 1 is a collection of 51 HDRI spherical images that provide a handy source of interior lighting for product shots, industrial design presentations, engineering visualization and packaging design.


Dynamic water creation in 3D with Modo Splash kit


The Modo Splash kit consists of liquid meshes, materials, environments and assemblies for water modeling – along with informative tutorials about their use for creating images with realistic splashes, drops and puddles.


PACK (package design and construction) Kit for Modo for faster package and industrial design


The PACK kit accelerates the design and visualization of packages in Modo by helping package designers and CG artists avoid the technical stumbling blocks involved in modeling and scene construction.