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Channel Chimp for Modo

Developer Apptastic Software Inc.
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Developer Apptastic Software Inc.
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Unleash a new world of interactive and real-time artistic expression with Channel Chimp!

Channel Chimp lets you control Modo using external input devices including: game controllers, touch screen tablets and smartphones, MIDI, and OSC.

Walk through your game level from a character point of view, or record your performance to create an archviz tour animation in minutes. Drive vehicles around dynamic environments, or make mograph animations driven by music. Puppeteer characters in real-time, or design your own custom interfaces for Modo.

Take creative control of your controllers with Channel Chimp.

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Channel Chimp for Modo screenshot 1
I’m very excited about the possibilities that Channel Chimp enables. Having a link to external hardware opens up exciting new ways of working!

John Knoll


Real-time input from external devices to any animatable Modo channel

Schematic and schematic-free workflows

Game controller support (HID compliant)

MIDI support (including SysEx)

OSC device support, including touch screen tablets and phones

Easy to use game style camera and vehicle movement

Record and playback performances (including support for takes and trimming)

Record in synch with the Modo timeline

Record with live dynamics simulations

Create animation keys in Modo from performance recordings

Trigger Modo commands, scripts, and macros using input devices

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Package contentModo LPK file

Experience levelAll Levels


Minimum Modo Version10.2 and later, Mac and Windows only

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