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Modo lighting Photorealistic Rendering

SLIK 2 is an extensive toolkit of items, presets, scenes, materials and video tutorials to help artists create workflow-optimized CG lighting setups for high-quality rendering. SLIK's Modo lighting kit lets you quickly put together studio lighting setups that mimic those found in the real world of photography, making renders more vibrant and believable.

Nothing comes close to this type of streamlined workflow for creating realistic lighting setups with real-world lighting nuances that accentuate your creations.

Slik 2 for Modo

Slik 2 for Modo kit image
Slik 2 for Modo kit image


Intuitive automatic light-targeting process

Lightboard Controller—a one-stop shop to control all SLIK lights including mute, solo, relink, intensity, color, global intensity

34 new 4K light textures

Studio Save feature

HDR Bake feature

SLIK HDR Studio Swap: swaps from HDR to full studio lights to allow tweaking

In-camera control system for SLIK 2 lights

Automatic render pass with re-coloring

Automatic composition script using Adobe® Photoshop CC 2015 or Adobe® After Effects CC 2015

Updated lights and presets

New smart material library

Material Override for quick lighting tests

Physical Sun preset system

Ability to remove tripod/secondary meshes from view

Performance-optimized SLIK 2 assemblies and options

Product information

Package content5 base assembly presets, 20 lighting setups, 20 x 2K HDR environment maps, 34 x 4K lighting textures, 12 material presets, Instructional videos, Guided manual

Experience levelBasic knowledge of Modo, rendering and lighting concepts recommended.


Minimum Modo versionModo 901 or later

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