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Introduction to Modo Particles

2h 56m Total length
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Watch demo
2h 56m Total length
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Interface Particles Grenade Explode & Shatter

Join Steve Hill—independent author of many acclaimed particle system training videos—on a journey through crafting three practical animation projects using Modo's particle system. The emphasis of the training is on integrating particle systems into real-world examples, and Steve walks you through the process of taking each project from conception to completion with as much emphasis on the “why” as the “how.”

Learn Modo animation and particle system in this online training series
Basic tutorial series for modo particles

What's in the tutorials


An introduction to the particle workflow training, followed by a first look at what particle systems are and how they work in Modo.

The Schematic Editor

This video explains how to make effective use of the schematic editor, an essential tool in rigging and animation.


Create an old-school grenade (bomb) with a burning fuse. We use particles in combination with the Modo animation systems to create sparks and flames.

Explode and Shatter

Combine particles Modo's dynamics system to create realistic interactions and use the procedural Shatter item to create some spectacular destruction.


Use modeling and sculpting tools to create volcanic terrain, then apply curve forces to particles to choreograph their movements. Render particles with blobs and volumes.

Product information

Package content5 videos, 3 scenes in LXO format

Experience levelAll levels

Software compatibilityModo 901 and later