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Animation games character rigging

This updated and expanded master course builds on the Character Rigging series, preparing you for high-quality production-level rigging. It offers a comprehensive, on-demand educational system for users of all levels interested in learning production-level rigging. Presented by Rich Hurrey, this course teaches basic to advanced concepts, using easy-to-understand video examples delivered at a comfortable teaching pace.

There are two sections to this course, Foundations and Tutorials.

What's in the tutorials

Section 1: Foundations

Comprehensively covers core Modo concepts from introductory to advanced topics. Perfect for users coming to Modo from other 3D packages interested in a fast-track learning approach to understanding Modo’s rigging system.

Section 2: Tutorials

In-depth tutorials that deliver a firm understanding of the tools and key concepts to give you everything you need for production.

Product information

Package conten60 hours of video training, all scenes and assets, searchable interface and comprehensive course glossary

Experience levelAll levels

Software compatibilityModo 601 and later