Nuke Server Download Links for Unreal Reader

Unreal Reader is a tool that connects Nuke to Unreal Editor. Unreal Reader requires installation of an Unreal Editor plug-in called Nuke Server

Installation of Nuke Server

Reference Guide

Please refer to the documentation for UnrealReader for instructions on how to install the Nuke Server plug-in for Unreal Editor:

The following video tutorial also provides a guide for getting started with Unreal Reader, including how to install the Nuke Server plug-in:

Download Links

Download Nuke Server below under the version of Nuke being used, the platform that Unreal Engine is running on, and the version of Unreal Engine.


  • Please ensure that your version of Unreal Engine is supported and that your versions of Nuke Server and Unreal Reader are compatible.
  • If you are running a customized build of Unreal Engine and have issues loading the Nuke Server plug-in, then please see here for additional instructions.
  • Nuke and Nuke Server do not need to be on the same platform. For example, Nuke on Linux can connect to Nuke Server on Windows.
  • Unreal Reader for Nuke 13 requires a valid NukeX, Nuke Studio, or Nuke Indie license.
  • A development build of Nuke Server for Linux is available for testing upon request through Support