We’ve got some great news …  the cost of getting your first Nuke license has dropped by 20%!

From now on, when you buy your first perpetual seat of Nuke, NukeX or Nuke Studio, you’ll pay a fifth less.

That means it’s even more affordable for businesses building their compositing pipeline, or freelancers who need the best tools to get the job done. 

Interested? Speak to our sales team to find out about the new prices. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer applies to perpetual licenses only (and 1st seat only)
  • Not valid on Production Collective
  • One seat of Nuke, NukeX or Nuke Studio per account. Discount can only be applied to one of the Nuke family. For example, you can’t buy 1x Nuke and 1x Nuke Studio with 20% discount against each. The discount would only apply to one.
  • No payment terms/ Can’t be applied to Nuke 12 month term orders