Nuke 11.2 – WHAT'S NEW

Nuke 11.2 brings updates which improve user experience across the Nuke family and speed up heavy processing tasks, with huge benefits for pipelines and individual users!

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Nuke 11.2 has been released

Mari 4.0 – WHAT'S NEW

Mari 4.0 is easier to use and faster to learn. Get new projects up and running quicker, enjoy more flexible and configurable exporting, navigate around more easily, and experience a raft of improved workflows.

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Rory talks about improvements in the latest release Mari 4.0 from Foundry

Innovation Stories

Learn how Foundry empowers digital artists around the world to visualize their ideas across all creative industries.


Jason Gagnon — Lookdev Supervisor, MPC

Jason Gagnon, Lookdev Supervisor, MPC

Katana makes life easier for artists. It is great for creating custom tools, macros and standard templates to ease production.


Sam Lucas — Head of Modeling, Milk

Sam Lucas, Head of Modeling, Milk

Mari is an essential part of our pipeline, enabling us to paint multiple objects over numerous UV sets. It is constantly being updated with new powerful tools, and with an increasing demand for higher resolution textures, it has become invaluable.


Solene Chan-Lam — Lead Texture Artist, MPC

Solene Chan-Lam, Lead Texture Artist, MPC

I've never worked with a software company as available for customer feedback and support. I cannot imagine working without my Foundry software.

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