Virtual Reality Plug-in Toolset for Nuke

Showing the power of Cara VR's toolset as a plug-in to Nuke

Immersive Design with Cara VR®

With a specialized toolset for creating incredible live-action virtual reality content, Cara VR® for Nuke® dramatically speeds up the challenging and often tedious process of stitching and compositing 360° video footage, so you have more time to focus on creating high-quality immersive experiences. The latest version of Cara VR is now integrated into your NukeX environment.

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Seamless stitching of mono or stereo VR content

Cara VR’s advanced stitching toolset automatically corrects for exposure and white balance differences between cameras, and stabilizes moving camera shots for a more comfortable viewing experience.

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Powerful streamlined VR compositing workflows

Cara VR makes it easy for artists to use Nuke’s full suite of compositing tools on 360° footage for clean-up, set extensions, 3D element insertion and more.

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Headset review inside Nuke

With Cara VR’s support for popular VR headsets, you can review directly from Nuke’s viewer or Nuke Studio’s timeline, eliminating the need to export to a separate application.

Who's Using Cara VR

Discover how our customers are using Cara VR to accelerate the creation of high-quality live-action virtual reality content.

  • Framestore use Cara VR for producing virtual reality content
  • MediaMonks have been using Cara VR to help them create top-quality VR/360 content
  • Visualise have been using Cara VR to create virtual reality and 360 video content

Jason Schugardt, Head of 3D, MPC

Cara VR's taken tools that are typically very complex and made them much simpler and much faster.

Cara VR is for

David Robinson Senior Compositor, Visualise


David Robinson — Senior Compositor, Visualise

Working in Cara VR allows me to go above and beyond client expectations. Since integrating Carainto Visualise's workflow we have met the challenge of stabilising 360 content and now manage the majority of our processes in one place.

Raphael Hamm Senior Compositor, Double Negative


Raphael Hamm — Senior Compositor, Double Negative

Foundry is very supportive - they organize lots of events and seminars that help us artists to develop our skills and build a community.

Jason Gagnon Lookdev Supervisor, MPC


Jason Gagnon — Lookdev Supervisor, MPC

We have a good relationship with Foundry; they're keen to push the software further and make things simpler for the artists while keeping up with industry standards.

Cara VR tutorials

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  • The latest version of CaraVR is now part of your NukeX environment
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