What is Hiero?

Your go-to for powerful multi-shot management, conform, editorial and review workflows, Hiero has the same customisable timeline as Nuke Studio, without the compositing nodegraph. Packed with procedural power to accelerate your workflow, Hiero enables you to review timelines that can be dynamically created or procedurally conformed from your database by using the Python API. Use Hiero to generate Nuke scripts and gain greater creative control from start to final delivery on any animated or VFX-heavy project.



Beyond Hiero


Buy $3,178* Rent $1,550/qtr*
  • Multi-track editorial timeline
  • One year maintenance
  • Access to technical support
*Price subject to applicable taxes
Buy $341*
  • Desktop review tool
  • One year maintenance
  • Access to technical support
*Price subject to applicable taxes
Buy $11,298* Rent $3,889/qtr*
  • NukeX + Hiero’s editorial timeline
  • Composite, conform, edit, and review
  • 2 Nuke Assist licenses (with maintenance)
  • Access to technical support
  • One year maintenance
*Price subject to applicable taxes

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Nuke Family

Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio, Hiero, HieroPlayer and Nuke Indie come together to create a formidable toolset, streamlining your pipeline and tackling high-end compositing, conform, VFX editorial and review.

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VFX Editing and Management

Nuke Studio and Hiero form Foundry’s solution for VFX Editing and management. These power tools adapt to your needs, so you can conform, edit, review and manage multiple shots easily.

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Who's Using Hiero

Learn why artists and studios around the globe value Hiero's collaborative shot management and review capabilities in their project pipeline.

Mads Hagbarth Damsbo - Visual Effects & Pipeline Technical Director at Nordisk Film Shortcut

Once you start to expand upon it, like creating custom pipeline tools directly inside of Nuke Studio, it becomes evident that there is no alternative to it.

Patricia Terol Tolsa - MPC

It would be quite hard to imagine our studio nowadays without Nuke Studio. It’s super integrated, especially on the advertising side, so it’s used throughout the entire process from the start of the job to the end of it.

Rob Bannister - VFX Supervisor

It’s the one ring to rule them all. I can bring in an edit, and I can pass out data to other team members, and keep it all together inside of nuke studio. Even as a one man show I can bring in a commercial or an edit and generate comps that I can jump in and basically take on a whole project myself.

Toya Drechsler - MPC

I love how close my software is to the one with my artists. I love that I can jump from Nuke Studio in to Nuke at any given moment, give feedback, write up scripts, jump back into Nuke Studio. I don't think any other software could do that for me currently.

  • Bluebolt are active users or Hiero in their pipeline
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