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Hiero-Creative Editorial Review


What is HieroPlayer?

Available within Nuke and NukeX, HieroPlayer is the desktop review tool that enables artists to review shots in context and compare render versions quickly. This flexible playback tool allows artists to connect to Hiero and Nuke Studio workflows, empowering creatives to review a complete multi-shot timeline in context of the edit.


Review in context

Easily playback shots or sequences and compare versions of renders, allowing you to think beyond single-shot compositing and see your work in context of the VFX timeline.

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Connect to Nuke Family

Experience seamless and efficient review workflows across departments with the ability to connect to the rest of the Nuke Family, thanks to the robust Python API. This allows for faster, more effective teamwork so artists can tackle complex productions with ease.

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Flexible review tools

With real-time playback and numerous view options, blending modes and color sample tools, HieroPlayer speeds up review at any stage of a project.

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Industry-standard color

HieroPlayer, Nuke and Nuke Studio all share OpenColorIO as their color management system, meaning artists can ensure that their review pipelines are consistent.

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Upgrade your review process
  • • Access a shared timeline for a holistic view
  • • Ensure continuity between shots
  • • Experience streamlined color management
Experience collaborative workflows
  • • Work remotely with teams no matter their location
  • • Collaboratively review and annotate footage
  • • Connect to Nuke Studio or Hiero timeline and review across departments
Tackle complex projects at scale
  • • Connect to your shot manager of choice
  • • Efficiently build dailies playlists and more
  • • Extend workflows and quickly generate timelines with Python API
The ultimate desktop review tool
  • • Generate and share Nuke scripts
  • • Easily and efficiently review annotations
  • • Compare and manage render versions with ease

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Subscribe $2,099/yr*
  • Multi-track editorial timeline
  • One year subscription
  • Access to technical support
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Subscribe $209/yr*
  • Desktop review tool
  • One year subscription
  • Access to technical support
*Price subject to applicable taxes
Subscribe $5,779/yr*
  • NukeX + Hiero’s editorial timeline
  • Composite, conform, edit, and review
  • 2x free Nuke Assist licenses
  • Access to technical support
  • One year subscription
*Price subject to applicable taxes

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