Visual effects editorial and review made easy

Having an efficient review process is vital for ensuring your team can create high-end content. Foundry’s VFX Editing and Management solution consists of Nuke Studio and Hiero, two of the Nuke family’s powerful toolsets. These tools adapt to your workflow and needs, so you can conform, edit, review and manage multiple shots easily and streamline your pipeline.

Hiero is one of the most important tools we have […] outside of using Nuke, everything goes into Hiero and out of through Hiero […] it gives me the confidence that I can be technically precise, and I can repeat things over and over again 


Lucy Lawson-Duckett, VFX Production Manager, Bait Studio

Work in context of the edit

With a full editorial timeline and Python API, Nuke Studio and Hiero allow artists to work on dynamic timelines and procedurally ingest into their workflows so they can review in context with other shots or the story edit.

  • Quickly set up and manage your timeline, experience iterative workflows with more control, procedural ingest and dynamic timelines
  • Get greater visibility over your project, monitor progress, review the latest versions and connect to your shot manager of choice
  • Artists can enjoy more creative freedom when working on shots in context

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As with all our projects, Nuke studio makes the process super easy. The fact we’re compositing in the software that we’re conforming in makes everything completely seamless between all the different pieces of software.



Chris King, Head of 3D, nineteentwenty

Easily manage multi-shot workflows

Nuke Studio and Hiero make managing multiple shots simple. With a multi-track editorial timeline, artists and supervisors can playback, review, and edit complex sequences with ease.

  • Import multi-shot project data into dynamically created timelines from databases like ShotGrid or ftrack
  • The multi-track setup allows you to compare different versions or stages of a shot through your pipeline so you can diagnose and resolve issues
  • Discover easy-to-use editorial tools that offer familiar functionality artists are accustomed to from other packages

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When we were working on Game of Thrones, there were a lot of shots [...] One of the problems we faced was how we were going to manage them. Nuke Studio was an essential piece of that workflow.


Carlos Trijueque, Co-founder and Head of 3D, El Ranchito

Enhance your review sessions

Whether your team is working remotely or all in the same studio, Nuke Studio and Hiero streamline your review sessions, making them more efficient.

  • Sync multiple Nuke Studio and Hiero sessions together and work collaboratively with users in multiple locations to review and annotate footage
  • Ensure effective feedback on shots with annotations in Hiero. Add comp notes and communicate your ideas clearly with your whole team
  • Connect to Nuke’s playback tool HieroPlayer, so artists can compare versions of renders quickly and effectively

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Simplify your exporting and distribution

Nuke Studio and Hiero’s export system allows you to streamline your distribution and export process, so you can ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

  • Easily distribute shots, footage and Nuke scripts through your pipeline
  • Seamlessly configure your distribution in a procedural way with Nuke Studio and Hiero’s export structure
  • Using the Python API, studios can customize their own distribution systems to fit their needs

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HieroPlayer: now free with Nuke

Discover HieroPlayer, the desktop review tool that lets you playback shots or a sequence and compare versions of renders quickly. Get a free annual subscription of HieroPlayer with your Nuke or NukeX license.

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Tackle industry challenges

  • Dynamic timelines

    Dynamic timelines

    Work on dynamic timelines and procedurally ingest into your workflows, whilst also experiencing a multi-track editorial timeline, making it easy to playback, review, and edit sequences.

  • Collaborate with your whole team

    Collaborate with your whole team

    Work simultaneously on a shot with other artists and easily share work with your team, and discover a more efficient way to collaborate.

  • Work with industry standards

    Work with industry standards

    Built with unparalleled support for industry-standard formats and tech such as OCIO, ACES, ARRI, AVID SDKs and more.

  • Connect with the Nuke Family

    Connect with the Nuke Family

    Easily connect to Nuke’s compositing and review toolsets to ensure your team stays organized and consistent from start to delivery.

VFX Editing and Management solutions

  • Multi-shot management, editorial and compositing

    Want to learn more about Nuke Studio? Discover all the features on offer for your composting pipeline.
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  • Conform, edit and review

    Dive deeper into Hiero’s toolset and how it can streamline your review workflow.
    Explore Hiero
  • Comp, editorial, conform and review

    Explore the whole of the Nuke family: Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio, Nuke Indie, Hiero and HieroPlayer.
    Discover Nuke Family
  • Desktop playback tool

    Uncover HieroPlayer, Nuke’s desktop review tool that allows you to playback and review shots and sequences with ease.
    Dive into HieroPlayer

Our products in action

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