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Modo 17.0 released

Foundry releases Modo 17.0

March 1, 2024

Foundry launches Modo 17.0 with a substantial performance overhaul and up to 50X faster rendering

Flix 7.0 released

Foundry releases Flix 7.0

January 25, 2024

Foundry releases Flix 7.0 for streamlined pre-production. Autodesk® Maya® integration bridges 2D and 3D workflows while an upgraded API delivers flexible customization

foundry subscriptions

Foundry Completes Transition to Subscription Model

December 21, 2023

All Foundry products are now available on annual subscription

mari 7.0

Foundry releases Mari 7.0

December 4, 2023

Mari 7.0 is here! Experience the power of the Bakery, streamlined texturing, automatic backups, upgraded USD workflows, and improved licensing options