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Powerful compositing, editorial and review.

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Powerful compositing, editorial and review

Buy $10,758 Rent $3,669/qtr
  • A multi-track editorial timeline and the power of NukeX in a single package
Buy $564
  • A headless version of Nuke for rendering on an external render farm
Subscribe $499/yr
  • The ultimate tool for solo artists looking to create high-quality visual effects, at an accessible price.
  • Free compositing, editing and finishing software.

Powerful 3D modeling, texturing and rendering

Buy $1,888/yr
  • Permanent license with one year maintenance for individual professionals
Subscribe $629/yr or $62/mth
  • Single user license for individual professionals Paid in monthly installments or annually

High-resolution digital 3D painting and texturing

Buy $2,168 Rent $719/qtr
  • Permanent license with one year Maintenance Plan or quarterly rental license for Mari

High-efficiency CG look development and lighting

Multi-track editorial timeline

Virtual reality plug-in toolset for Nuke

The collaborative story development pipeline

Stereoscopic imagery plug-ins for Nuke

Master your production workflow with Foundry's visual effects