This License Transfer Policy (“Policy”) sets out Foundry’s rules for issuing replacement or substitute licence keys for the use of Foundry software products. If you wish to move license keys from one computer to another, then you agree to follow the rules set out in this Policy.

This Policy forms part of, and should be read together with, our End User License Agreement available from: (“EULA”).


    1. The Foundry Visionmongers Limited (company number 04642027) with its principal offices at 5 Golden Square, London, W1F 9HT ("Foundry", “we”, “us” or “our”).
    2. You, the licensee of Foundry software product(s) acting via a duly authorised individual and wishing to effect a license transfer ("you" or “your”).


    1. Foundry has supplied and licensed certain software products (“Software”) to you under the terms of our EULA.
    2. In order to guard against unlicensed use of the Software, a licence key is required to access and enable the Software.
    3. You wish to move a licence key to another computer to allow you to use the Software on the other computer.
    4. All references in this Policy to “computer” include both physical and virtual machines.


    1. We review any license transfer request for our Software in accordance with this Policy. However, the decision as to whether or not to allow the transfer is always at our sole discretion.
    2. Generally speaking, the only circumstance in which we will consider licence transfer requests is: 
      1. the original computer, or computer component from which we determine the system ID number, has been lost, stolen, damaged, upgraded or replaced 
      2. you are changing from one license type to another.
    3. We will not allow license transfer requests where the Software is eligible for our maintenance and support program (as described at, if your paid access to that program has lapsed.
    4. Where we agree to a license transfer request:
      1. the new license key will be for the same Software version, options and license configuration as the original license key, unless you are changing from one license type to another.
      2. we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee(s) towards the cost of our time and management in effecting the transfer.
    5. We do not allow license transfers:
      1. to a computer located in another country; or
      2. to your parent company, subsidiary, affiliate, associated company, branch or office.
    6. We consider license transfer requests of Student/Staff license keys that have been bought at a discount under our Education Policy.
    7. Unless you specify to the contrary on the request form, each request for transferring or changing the type of licenses will be deemed to cover all eligible licenses of the product and type to which the request relates on the relevant computer.


    1. Our license transfer request form can be found at: License_Transfer_Form.pdf. Once completed and signed, you must email the form to
    2. Our request form for changing from an RLM to a login based license can be found at Once completed and signed, you must email the form to
    3. If you wish to request a different type of license change, please contact
    4. You must remove all transferred license keys on the originating machine within 2 days of receiving the new license keys.


    1. We may vary the terms of this Policy from time to time and at our sole discretion.

The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.

December 2022