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Real-time Design Editing

Colorway is your digital design assistant, enabling you to visualise, create variations and communicate clearly and quickly with your customers and colleagues, across the entire organization.

Why Colorway

  • Increased productivity

    Avoid the need for designers and developers to go in and out of spreadsheets, specifications and PLM systems
  • Design efficiency

    Automatically populate BOM’s, specifications and material call-outs
  • Allows non-CAD consumers to view and markup designs

    Within minutes, a new user can learn how to rapidly change color and texture on a 2D or 3D model
  • An intelligent design assistant

    For designers who need time to focus on exercising their creative capacity, Colorway intelligently catches data

Colorway LiveSources

Create a dynamic link to a 3D or 2D graphic, and image, a folder, another document or even another application so that when something changes, Colorway automatically updates your project for you.

Linked Items
Linked Items

Color one, color all. Colorway’s unique linking ability ensures that every part of the product is updated instantly, regardless of the view that you’ve chosen to display.

Dynamic Content
Dynamic Content

Adaptive content for text, tables (specs) and palettes (material + color) that update in real time based on the information fed by the creators and their preferences. Live updates are reflected immediately between linked items.

3D Wrapped Graphics
3D – Wrapped Graphics

Graphics and textures are wrapped around the 3D part (called the UV-map) in real-time so the designer can instantly see their 2D graphic on a 3D object.

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Dynamic contact sheets

A designer no longer has to create individual thumbnails of each variation in their range. Contact Sheets in Colorway automatically add or subtract thumbnails instantly, without the designer ever having to copy and paste again.

Stored Variations
Stored Variations

Refresh and restore any range of color and material combinations. Creators can activate previously saved design mutations, as well as export them as individual tech packs ( while retaining design specifications for retrieval ).

What’s new in Colorway 5.0

Colorway 5.0 expands our user-friendly UI giving you the ability to use existing color options (or iterate on specific colors) directly within your imported scanned materials. You can open multiple projects at one time and toggle between them without the need to save and close a project. We've completely redesigned the LiveSource browser so you have more options in how you work with files. Also added is the ability to choose between five themes (black, dark-gray, mid-gray, light-gray, white). All this and more means that Colorway 5.0 is our most user-friendly release yet.

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Rapidly iterating in-context with Colorway

Rapidly iterating in-context with Colorway

Colorway's powerful toolset means you can rapidly iterate on your designs in any context imaginable. In this way, you can see how your products or packaging will perform, even before it rolls off the production line.

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