How Flix was used for collaborative storyboard management in animation


Flix™ is a leading story development hub for animated film and TV, gaming and more. Designed to promote fast-paced creative collaboration, Flix removes the technical barriers that slow productions down.

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Collaborate freely

Flix encourages you to collaborate across teams, departments and geographies to work in parallel and share creative ideas, while instant access to the latest cuts keeps everyone on the same page.

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Automate the drudgery, focus on creativity

Let your artists focus on being creative, while Flix automatically takes care of tedious and time-consuming naming, numbering, versioning and file management tasks.

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Iterate faster on story ideas

Flix’s intuitive plug-ins encourage rapid story iterations by letting artists work in layer comps, timelines or individual panels as they develop ideas, free from the constraints of traditional workflows.

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Choose your applications

Flix lets you use the applications you prefer, with built-in support for bidirectional integration with a wide range of industry-leading sketching, 3D, editorial and pipeline solutions.

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Increase production efficiency

Save your production time and money by including editorial and previs right from the start, so you can make critical decisions earlier in the process and avoid unnecessary rework.

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Simplify your pipeline

Flix feeds sequence and shot-level metadata into proprietary or out-of-the-box pipeline tools, simplifying the critical handoff from pre-production to production.


Flix 5.4 makes it easier to work between Photoshop and Flix, cuts out swathes of manual process, provides more efficient dialogue and editorial workflows...and much more!

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Mark Payne Senior Compositor, Double Negative


Mark Payne — Senior Compositor, Double Negative

I have been working with Foundry tools for a long time and they have never sat still and are always wanting to improve and push their software to the next level.

Patricia Llaguno Lead Compositor, Framestore


Patricia Llaguno — Lead Compositor, Framestore

Foundry always offer excellent product support and they maintain an active relationship with their software users to deliver outstanding software.

Andrew Fensom  Senior Compositor, Double Negative


Andrew Fensom — Senior Compositor, Double Negative

I always know what to expect from a Foundry product; reliability and fantastic results. Whenever I have been dealing with their customer support, they have been quick and eager to solve any issues I come across. Their products allow me and the companies I have worked for to produce better quality work in a faster time.

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