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Flix™ is the leading story development hub designed to promote fast-paced creative collaboration, by removing the technical barriers that slow productions down and ensuring ideas are conveyed across departments. Flix empowers passionate teams to iterate over story development with the least amount of effort, and ease the transition to production, for high quality storytelling.

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Embrace iterative development

Never, ever lose a good idea. Flix fosters the tried-and-tested iterative story development process, allowing you to easily revisit previous ideas, repurpose sequences, and explore new possibilities.

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Collaborate efficiently

Creativity has no borders. Work with the best people no matter where they are in the world. Work across teams, departments and geographies to develop the best stories possible. Flix manages the details for you.

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Free yourself of administrative tasks

Focus on the creative. Flix takes care of naming, versioning, storing and organizing your files. Artists are liberated from mundane chores while developing stories.

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Meet your virtual production assistant

Flix takes the guesswork out of establishing and maintaining your pre-production workflow. Use its intuitive tools and tracking, and let your production staff focus on what cannot be automated.

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Use the apps you love

Whatever your preferred way to bring your ideas to life, Flix will automatically connect with your favorite sketching and editorial applications, preserving the authenticity of your idea.

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Automate your workflows even further

While every production works in unique ways, Flix fits right in, with its powerful API, and out-of-the-box hooks allowing you to automate and extend it to smooth out your workflows even further.


A streamlined interface and re-designed architecture enhance everything great about Flix, and new features include User Preferences, a Searchable Library and more!

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Meet our support team

With the best support team around (or so our customers keep telling us), we're easy to contact and dedicated to delivering a quick response when you need a hand.