Flix features.

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Collaborative Hub

collaborative hub

Flix lives at the heart of your pre-production, making it easier for teams to collaborate together and iterate on ideas. Everyone including artists, production staff, directors, editors and others have access to the latest versions of every section of your projects, be they long form or episodic. Even people contributing from different geographical locations are kept in the loop: work with remote artists just as if they were right there at the studio, with direct access to Flix wherever they are.

Photoshop Automation

flexibility of working with flix

Work how you want

Flix lets you work the way you’re used to with Photoshop, whether that’s with Layer Comps, Timeline Frames or your Layer stack. Flix takes care of naming, organizing and managing your files so that you don’t have to. Need to find a specific file? Access every single one ever sent to Flix via the Library, letting you find and filter boards by artist and date created.

Do less admin

Do less admin

You can easily make revisions to existing boards in Flix with a double click and save, and there’s no need to waste time figuring out naming conventions, server structures and versioning systems: Flix handles all the files generated, keeps previous revisions for easy access, and organizes everything for you.

Efficient editorial roundtrip

story to editorial

Story to editorial…

Flix brings order to the traditionally chaotic process of editorial round tripping. Easily send your edit from Flix to Premiere with timing, ordering and audio data, with a simple click and drag and drop. Everyone in the production gets notified of new publishes to Premiere by email. An automatically generated Contact Sheet makes it easy for everyone involved to be aware of new editorial deliveries.

editorial to story

…editorial to story

Sending your edit from editorial back to story also becomes much more simple: Flix will take care of relinking the clips to their original PSD files, handle effects, extract audio, break your edit into shots, store the reference QuickTime for easy access, and notify everyone in the production.

Powerful Pitch Process

Powerful Pitch Process

Accurately convey how you envisioned your story playing out, by adding a voiceover to your boards right from your desk. Time your sequence to an existing audio track directly in Flix, or record audio at the same time. The recorded timing and audio is automatically passed to editorial, ensuring all the creative decisions from story are preserved.

Dialogue Management

Dialogue Management in Flix

The dialogue handwritten by artists on their boards is easily viewable on the thumbnails in Flix, making it easy to keep track of and input into the text box. What’s more, Flix keeps track of all the iterations of your dialogue and lets you easily find and restore previous revisions.