Flix features.

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Flix for your pipeline

Flix is integrated with your software of choice for faster pipeline integration

2D storyboard software integration

Whether you prefer to create your panels in Adobe® Photoshop®, Toon Boom® Storyboard Pro, TVPaint or a combination of these, Flix has the hooks you need for seamless bidrectional integration, and adds bespoke functionality that dramatically improves your productivity.

Flix is able to quickly import and export files from Maya for fast intgegration

Maya integration

Flix lets you work in conjunction with Autodesk® Maya® to streamline the previs and layout process. The advanced level of bidirectional integration includes a Staging process that lets you iteratively refine your timings by capturing poses and cameras in Maya and sending them back to Flix.

Editorial integration for Flix and Adobe premier

Editorial integration

Work in conjunction with your favorite editing software, with support for Adobe® Premiere®, Avid® Media Composer® and Apple® Final Cut Pro®. The two-way integration retains timing, effects, sound and markers as you round-trip between the editing application and Flix.


Flexible, secure front end

With a flexible, browser-based front end, Flix lets you work from any location on any platform. To ensure confidentiality and consistency, you can also control who can access and modify specific areas of projects with customizable authentication and authorization setups.


Multiplane effects integration

Easily create multiplane effects by publishing to Adobe Premiere, Adobe® After Effects® or Apple Final Cut Pro using layered PSD files. Flix will automatically create images for each layer and a nested sequence respresenting the clip. The timing from Flix can optionally be maintained.

Flix for production teams

For fast storyboard management across slides Flix is the best software

Knowledge is power

Flix gives you instant access to the latests cuts and conformed dialogue, so you'll always know exactly what stage the project is at. This knowledge lets you communicate better, allocate or reallocate resources, and have all team members prepare for screenings, major recording sessions and more.

Pipeline management and storyboarding with Flix

Pipeline efficiencies

Flix's wealth of metadata can feed into proprietary or out-of-the-box pipeline tools and asset management systems for increased automation. In addition, many of Flix's functions are Python-based plug-ins, which you can customize to ensure a standardized workflow that meets your needs.

Flix for editorial departments

Notes on slides get auto-emailed to you with trackable round-tripping in Flix

Trackable round-tripping

Your round-trip cycle for panels, effects and previs to and from editorial just got faster and more trackable. Flix handles deliverables and customizes emails to notify relevant teams when new items are published. It even calls out new and changed assets for you.

Flix in-built editorial tools allow collaborative storyboard management

Easy editorial-made content

Flix makes generating content in editorial easy. With instant access to panels' original multilayered PSDs, and integrated support for a wide range of editorial, 3D, sketching and effects software, you can easily create multiplane effects or add other details.

Flix for story departments

Automatic file management lets you make and edit changes for versioning automatically

Automatic file management

Focus on creative tasks and let Flix take care of the mundane and time-consuming technical steps like managing, naming, numbering and versioning files. Effortlessly keep in step with editorial changes, with automatic conform. With Flix, your only concern is the story.

Integrated workflow for multiple softwares for fast storytelling

Efficient storyboarding

Create and edit panels in your preferred tool, with bidirectional links and advanced integration with multiple drawing applications. It's easy to highlight and keep track of panels you need to revisit. You can even record a pitch at your desk for practice, distribution or offsite work.

Flix for directors

Flix storyboarding for animation director

A bird's-eye view

With Flix™, you have immediate access to the most up-to-date version of a sequence from any location, so you can always see the latest panels, cuts and revisions. Flix lets you understand the team's rate-of-progress, and identify where changes will be needed before it's too late.

Real-time reviews on storyboards for directors with Flix

Real-time reviews

Make notes and revisions directly in Flix at any time, and easily pass them on to your story, editorial or layout teams. You can even share your sessions with remote teams and artists, to exchange creative input and ideas, and clearly communicate your thoughts.