Flix simplifies the process so projects run like clockwork.

Flix brings order to the chaos of story development, so Production can be confident projects run like clockwork. Project admin is taken care of, notes are tracked and revisions are seamless

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Discover how Flix is the key to simplifying your pre-production process, cutting out the chaos and tackling these four leading challenges.

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  • What's Flix ROI?

    If time is money (and it is), Flix could prove to be your studio’s most valuable investment. With Flix automating and streamlining time-consuming admin tasks, both Production and Creative teams are freed up to do the jobs they were hired to do.
  • How does it make teams more efficient?

    How does it make teams more efficient? Flix takes care of project organization so you can be confident all notes, feedback and revisions are being tracked. With complete visibility on what’s going on, every team member is singing from the same hymn sheet.
  • How easy is it to get set up?

    With Flix, you can hit the ground running. A powerful API and out-of-the-box hooks allow you to customize it to your production needs, so you can automate and extend your workflows even further.
  • How can I get the talent that I want?

    Know the perfect artist for the job… but they’re 500 miles away? No problem. Work with remote artists just as if they were right there at the studio, with direct access to Flix wherever they are.

Discover a quick and painless way of setting up projects and improve the efficiency of your team, with Flix.


Save time and maximise efficiency across departments
Save time and maximise efficiency across departments

All project administration is taken care of, leaving production safe in the knowledge projects are organised, freeing up their time to work on the tasks that can’t be automated.

Monitor and review projects
Access, monitor and review projects

All notes, feedback and revisions are tracked in Flix, from every team member whether remote or local, so production can always be sure they’re on top of the project.

Flix fits right in
The perfect fit for any workflow

While every production works in unique ways, Flix slots right in and gets to work immediately, with its powerful API, and out-of-the-box hooks allowing you to automate and extend it to smooth out your workflows even further.