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With its highly efficient, collaborative approach to look development and lighting, Katana® gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding CG-rendering projects.

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Katana: becoming the ultimate digital cinematography platform

Discover how and why Katana has become the industry standard - and where the software is heading next.

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Why Katana

  • Reduced Artist Downtime

    A studio’s most valuable resource is its people. Katana’s deferred loading and processing lets you get to work immediately, so you can spend more time being creative and less time twiddling your thumbs.
  • Maximize Collaboration

    Teams using Katana can work in parallel across multiple stages of production to finish faster. Work can be shared within teams to maximize effort and allow updates to flow seamlessly between departments.
  • Specialized Workflows

    There’s no better tool for look development and lighting: Katana is finely tuned for doing a few things better, faster and cheaper than tools that focus on a broader range of workflows.
  • Perfect fit for your pipeline

    Katana features support for a unified workflow with 5 different commercial renderers plus custom renderers, USD support, and robust APIs to tackle your integration tasks. Katana is ready and able to be a native part of your pipeline.

Introducing Katana 3.6

Katana 3.6 works as hard as its artists, freeing up time through fundamental UI and workflow updates. Expect innovative, artist-focused snapping functionality and a new Network Material Edit tool that raises the bar on traditional workflows, so artists can be confident they’re creating something a cut above—every single time.

Free up time. Unlock creativity.

Discover Katana 3.6

Introducing 3Delight

Katana ships with a cutting-edge rendering engine, 3Delight. It’s super-easy to get up and running with it, and interactive renders are free.

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Katana ships with 3Delight powerful rendering engine
Buy $9,458
  • Powerful look development and lighting
  • Permanent, interactive artist session license with one-year maintenance plan
  • Price shown is for a permanent license with one-year maintenance plan
  • 3Delight interactive rendering included. Other renderers require their own license
  • Request a callback
  • Render license
  • Permanent, command-line session license with one-year maintenance plan
  • Allows the use of Katana in batch, shell, and script mode
  • Required for command-line rendering with any renderer plugin
  • Pricing by volume
  • Render license bundle
  • All the functions of Katana Render plus...
  • 3Delight render license for batch rendering
  • First year maintenance included
  • Pricing by volume

User guides & release notes

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