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With its highly efficient, collaborative approach to look development and lighting, Katana® gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding CG-rendering projects. Don't believe us, hear it from Spin VFX

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Katana: becoming the ultimate digital cinematography platform

Discover how and why Katana has become the industry standard - and where the software is heading next.

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Reduce artist downtime

A studio’s most valuable resource is its people. Katana’s deferred loading and processing lets you get to work immediately, so you can spend more time being creative and less time twiddling your thumbs.

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Share the workload

Katana’s flexible node-graph and rule-based workflows lets you naturally build up templates as you work, which you can then easily share with other team members or reuse on other shots.

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Keep your assets accessible

Katana’s streamlined, artist-friendly approach removes the need to bake assets out into render-ready formats, keeping them easily accessible for last-minute changes.

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Work in parallel to finish faster

With Katana’s Look Files, material instructions and texture map assignments are packaged as separate assets, so you can separately update look-development and animation data.

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Choose your renderer

Use your renderer of choice, with a unified workflow for Renderman, V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight, or add your own renderer. You can even work with multiple renderers while keeping a consistent artist workflow.

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The perfect fit for your pipeline

Integrate, automate or customize Katana to fit your pipeline and processes with extensive C and Python APIs, and support for open standards like Alembic and OpenColorIO.

What's new In Katana 3.2

Katana 3.2 builds the foundations for a completely overhauled look development user experience by introducing the Network Material Create Node. Enjoy a cleaner, artist-focused material node graph UI with faster, production-savvy workflows! Katana: Built for studios. Loved by artists.

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Introducing 3Delight

Katana 3.0 ships with a cutting-edge rendering engine, 3Delight. It’s super-easy to get up and running with it, and interactive renders are free.

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Katana 3.0 ships with 3Delight powerful rendering engine


  • Powerful look development and lighting
  • Permanent, interactive artist session license, with one-year Maintenance Plan
  • Separate license required for interactive renders using other renderer plugins


£6,908 / €7,508 / $9,008
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  • Render license

  • Permanent, command-line session license, with one-year Maintenance Plan
  • Allows the use of Katana in batch, shell, and script mode
  • Required for command-line rendering with any renderer plugin

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  • Render license bundle

  • Permanent license with one-year maintenance plan
  • Katana render license that works with 3Delight and all other renderer plugins
  • Plus a 3Delight render license that allows for batch renders via 3Delight from Katana

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