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Katana 3.5’s rewritten core engine improves core performance and speed by up to 30x for some functions*, making the time to first pixel plummet so artists can achieve accurate, high-quality results, with no endless waiting. More creativity, fewer coffee breaks.


  • Rewritten core engine with new multithreading capabilities for unmatched speed and performance
  • New Monitor Layer brings creative work into one UI—and onto one screen
  • A Foundry-supported, render agnostic USD set of tools allows studios to set up, experiment and build powerful USD production pipelines


*As tested during development on a Dual-socket Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2667 v4, 3.20GHz with a total of 16 logical cores (32 threads); memory: 64 GB RAM; OS: Linux CentOS 7.66.1810.

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