Configure Modo Maintenance


Licence type

To purchase this product you will need a qualifying product in your account. Please login with the account you used to purchase your initial license to proceed. If you continue to experience issues please contact

Maintenance for subsequent years will renew at the same price as long as your maintenance remains active. While your maintenance is valid, you will receive all new versions and updates. If your maintenance expires, you can continue to use the last version you received. If you wish to repurchase maintenance at a later date, the above-discounted price would no longer be available and the standard maintenance price would apply.

Modo Maintenance - paid annually

You are signing up for an annual plan for Modo Maintenance. You will be charged the amount shown above (plus any applicable taxes). Your subscription will automatically renew each subsequent year, and a further payment of the amount shown will be deducted annually unless you stop automatic renewal before the end of your term.