Cara VR features

Camera rig solving instantly with presets in Cara VR

Camera rig solving

Easily solve and refine camera position, rotation, focal length and lens distortion parameters inside Nuke. With presets for popular camera rigs and custom rig support, Cara VR™ can handle footage from any 360° video shoot.

In-built stitching tools make 360 video production easy and fast


Cara VR’s GPU-accelerated Stitcher and GlobalWarp nodes let you create a high-quality 360° stitch for both mono and stereo output right in Nuke. Built on Ocula's disparity technology, Cara VR stitches seamlessly without line artifacts or ghosting, even on moving scenes, and easily exports STMAPs and UV maps.

Color correction in Cara VR makes virtual reality production faster and easier

Correction and color matching

Automatically correct exposure and white balance differences between cameras during the stitching process, producing a single exposure across all cameras with minimal manual adjustment. A suite of tools for stereo corrections adapted from the powerful Ocula toolset simplify stereo cleanup, especially in footage with color, focus and alignment inconsistencies between views.

360° tracking and stabilization for virtual reality production is out-of-the-box with Cara VR software

360° tracking and stabilization

With a specialized feature-point tracker optimized to handle distortion and continuity at the edges of lat/long images, you can track and paint or merge directly on stitched 360° footage. Automatically track 360 stitches for stabilization, and create a match-move camera to assist in 3D corrections and CG insertion.

virtual reality compositing within Nuke makes VR post production easy and fast

VR compositing workflows

Cara VR's new GPU-accelerated Spherical Transform node speeds up compositing tasks by letting you use Nuke’s full set of compositing tools directly on 360° material, making roto, paint and tracking tasks easy.

360° stereo rendering and slit-scan shader for Cara VR - virtual reality plug-in for Nuke

360° stereo rendering and slit-scan shader

The version of Nuke’s ray trace rendering engine included with Cara VR offers additional support for stereo lens models, together with a slit-scan shader that can control the depth at the poles in 360° footage, resulting in a more pleasant VR viewing experience when looking up or down. The depth falloff can be controlled to match common stitching and rendering patterns, ensuring consistent results.

Review your production in 360 space with Cara VR for Nuke

Headset review

With support for popular VR headsets, you can preview your project in Nuke’s viewer while playing it back from Nuke Studio’s timeline, without the need to export to a separate review application. Includes support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift CV1 on Windows and the Oculus Rift DK2 across Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.