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V-Ray for Modo

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Developer Chaos Group
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modo Interactive lighting Shading Rendering

V-Ray is a complete interactive lighting, shading and rendering toolkit, giving you full control over the entire creative process, from real-time look development to the final frame. V-Ray for Modo seamlessly integrates production-proven rendering capabilities into Modo’s native workflow.

Choose between multi-core CPU and GPU-accelerated rendering for complete creative control and fast results. Built to handle the toughest projects and biggest scenes, the V-Ray plug-in for Modo is designed to fit into any production pipeline.

V-Ray for Modo

How V-Ray for Modo works in-app
Popular V-Ray is now integrated with Modo



Take advantage of powerful, fast rendering optimized through adaptive technology and GPU-acceleration. When you need it, leverage the distributed horsepower power of multiple computers working together to render a single frame.


Render accurate and artistic lighting with a wide range of light types, shapes and controls. Choose from ray traced or hybrid GI methods for the right balance of quality and speed.


Dynamic shading functionality affords complete control over specialized materials, rounded corner rendering, node-based physical materials with multiple layers, seamless texture mapping and more.


Photorealistic control for simulating any camera and lens, with fine-tuning for exposure, depth of field and motion blur. Render VR-ready content for popular virtual reality headsets.


Gain enhanced speed, advanced import features and extensive optimizations for geometry with proxy objects, hair and fur, volumetric rendering and more.


Output a complete set of beauty, utility and matte passes for total control in compositing–including deep compositing. Track render history, adjust colors and control final image output using advanced color management.

Product Information

Package contentV-Ray plug-in, One render node

Experience levelIntermediate


Minimum Modo versionModo 701 and later


ProcessorIntel® Pentium® 4 (64bit) or equivalent AMD® 64 processor with SSE2 technology or newer

RAM4 GB RAM (8 GB or higher recommended)

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